Vikalp: Engage with the Aspirations Ecosystem

Vikalp (translation – choices) is , a tech-enabled doorstep coaching and mentorship program for rural adolescents and youth between 10 and 24 years of age. Through a team of trained local coaches, the program empowers them to explore, seek and build their aspirations by providing them exposure, information, and training on life skills; and prepares them for economically productive adulthood in this digital age.

Vikalp is a fun-filled journey nudging youth to learn, grow and become community leaders of tomorrow.

Vikalp components constitute a mix of digital & personal touch, optimal for rural context.

In person group meetings, personal interactions and training sessions

Tech enabled onboarding, learning management and monitoring

Vikalp’s value proposition

  • An Education + program that provides foundational support for kids and youth to do better at school and work

  • Doorstep service delivery through village-level youth learning groups

  • Blended mode of service delivery (physical + digital)

  • Modules on future orientation, self-awareness and cognitive development, mentorship talks, and exposure programs to build aspirations and enhance education outcomes

  • A computer-based resource center to provide basic digital literacy and exposure to technology and assist in online application filling, CV preparation, knowledge on competitive exams etc. and resolve queries

  • Information and orientation to reflect on and nurture aspirations, resulting in better life outcomes – career guidance, entrepreneurship development, building global perspectives and citizenship, and customized information on employment opportunities

  • Create young leaders of tomorrow in the villages and to lead the social and economic development agenda