Who we are

Social Shapes Foundation, a non-profit entity, has been registered as a section 8 company since 2018. Our mission is to shape communities that nurture rural youth’s ability to fulfil their aspirations, placing youth at the forefront of change and development. 

Our vision is to enable an honest and equal chance for every young individual to succeed and shape their future.

Our Values

Human-centric problem solving

We design for effective, long-term and inter-generational impact

Build trusting relationships

We provide accurate and timely support to our constituents

Leverage technology

We create evidence-based efficient operational practices

Problem we are solving

Youth in villages have the potential to be ambassadors of change for their communities, but face multiple barriers that impede their growth. They struggle in school and to find productive livelihood opportunities in the 21st century world of work.

Aspirations in the Context of Indian youth

In India, approximately 200 million 10-24-year-olds are at risk of unemployment / under-employment as much due to lack of ability to access opportunities as may be due to limited options. Pushing rural youth into the career/profession “not fully understood or preferred” is not the way to go. It’s high time we take the youngsters on a journey where, based on their capability, personality type, and socio-economic profile, they can identify and understand what career and/or employment options are good for them and where they would like to be in the future. 

Increasingly the education and skill development policies in the country are focusing on building 21st century skills early on, many aspects of which are out of context for rural youth, setting them up to fall behind, unless they receive appropriate extra-curricular guidance and support. The program provides much needed catalytic support to education and skilling interventions, making them truly accessible and relevant for rural children and youth.

Our approach

To achieve this mission we partner with grassroots organizations in our intervention states to implement our programs in a manner that there is:

Our Team

Management & Governance

Program Design Team

Program Implementation Team

Non-Executive Advisors